Our beginnings

Delacre's story begins in the very heart of magnificent Brussels, where Charles Delacre opened his first chocolate lab in 1873.


The journey of Delacre

With a passion for sweet creations, Charles Delacre decided to open a chocolate laboratory in the central neighbourhood of Ixelles. Rapidly, his chocolate boutique became a huge success resulting in the creation of hundreds of delightful specialties.

His pioneer spirit was rewarded in 1879 with a prestigious accreditation from the Royal Palace in Brussels: Official Supplier to the Belgian Court. Today, Delacre still supplies the Royal Palace of Brussels.

The birth of a biscuit

Our first biscuits

Enlarging his activity, Delacre realized the irresistible potential of combining crunchy pastry with intense melted chocolate. In 1891, the first fine biscuit was born: the “Pacha Delacre”. It marked the beginning of Delacre’s huge success as a biscuiteer.

Ever since, all of Charles Delacre's know-how, innovative spirit and passion for quality are a part of every single Delacre creation.

Delacre Today

Around the world

Today, Delacre is distributed in about 12 countries and our biscuits are used to share and enhance moments together.


Our biscuits

Discover our fine biscuits : authentic and refined, they are crafted to be irresistible.



Our quality

As official supplier to the Royal Belgian Court since 1879, we create our biscuits with the most delicious chocolate.