Our quality

Our fine biscuits are crafted with care and respecting high quality standards.


Our Brand Values

With each biscuit we bake and every chocolate we craft, we stay true to what makes us Delacre.





The world's best

Belgian Chocolate

At Delacre we use authentic Belgian Chocolate, reknown worldwide for its unque taste and undisputed quality.

Since 17th century, Belgian has become masters in chocolate manufacturing, with thousands of Maîtres Chocolatiers spreading all around the country, making it one of the founding part of its tradition and heritage.

The composition of Belgian Chocolate has been regulated by law since 1894, in order to preserve quality of fat used, establishing a minimum level of 35% of pure cocoa.

Morover, in order to be claimed as authentic, the refinement, the mixing and the concheing must be done in Belgium.

The taste of Delacre

Our Recipe

Once you take a bite of Delacre fine biscuits, you’ll understand why it’s described as being “strong with a round cocoa taste”. Over the years, we’ve balanced our recipe to give a true superior tasting experience.

With 2 factories in Belgium and France, over 2 billions of fine biscuits are baked yearly following high standards of quality to keep up authenticity and tradition.

What makes us proud

Proud to be royal suppliers

Being an “Official Supplier to the Belgian Court” is a mark we hold with pride. It’s not only a privilege, it’s a commitment to maintaining a level of passion and excellence that is recognized by His Majesty the King.

Today, only 115 suppliers are on the list and Delacre is incredibly proud to be one of them.


Our story

For more than 125 years, we’ve been perfecting with passion and mastery the art of biscuit making initiated by our founder Charles Delacre.



Our biscuits

Discover our fine biscuits : authentic and refined, they are crafted to be irresistible.